How CloudBolt Simplifies Hybrid Cloud Management

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Hybrid Cloud Management Can Be Challenging

IT users demand the flexibility and freedom to leverage multiple clouds and tools for different projects—along with the power to alternate between clouds and vendor-specific features. But on the IT management side, trying to keep track of multiple systems and user interfaces, and their resource usage, can be painfully challenging. Additionally, coordinating multiple existing technologies while staying agile enough to accommodate future technologies is no easy task.

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How CloudBolt Makes It Happen

CloudBolt is a cloud management platform that helps enterprises manage hybrid, multi-cloud environments, while empowering developers with self-service IT. By turning the enterprise into the cloud provider, you unleash a responsive, agile alternative to runaway IT that gives DevOps what they want, whenever they want it. The result? Greater IT efficiency. Better control. More agility for the business.



Why CloudBolt

Unlike other cloud management platforms, enterprises choose CloudBolt for three reasons. First: rapid time to value. CloudBolt deploys in minutes—not days or months—so you can hit the ground running. Second: unrivaled simplicity. CloudBolt comes with dozens of out-of-the-box integrations and an intuitive self-service catalog. It’s a solution you and your developers will love using every day. Third: unparalleled extensibility. CloudBolt lets you easily integrate with your existing tools and technologies—without the high cost of professional services or waiting for long vendor turn-around times.


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