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Technology provider

You are an on-premise or SaaS hardware or software technology provider

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vRealize Automation customers

Your customers use VMware’s vRealize Automation for cloud automation

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API level integrations

API level integrations are required between your product and VMware’s platform

Our product support model future proofs your investment by including roadmaps and upgrades to future versions

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  • Fast time to market release of a productized vRealize Automation integration (includes both vRealize Automation catalog items for setup and vRO plugin workflows)
  • No need to ramp up staff to learn VMware domain knowledge, just need to understand key customer use cases
  • Full QA and support model for customers
  • Productized solution can mean additional revenue paths, higher customer value / loyalty, competitor lockout and transparent roadmap
  • vRealize Automation integration pre-sales and set up costs reduce
  • Partner’s Integration cost of ownership reduced through the productization, support revenue streams
Solution Productized solution means:
  • Less PSO and overall lower costs
  • Higher functionality
  • Higher quality
  • Faster turn on of vRealize Automation with more automation
  • Frequent releases

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