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SovLabs vRealize Automation Extensibility Module for


The SovLabs Notifications Module provides an easy yet highly flexible way to send email or REST-based web service notifications based on the success or failure of machine lifecycle events. This is extremely useful for driving email based automation systems with minimal complexity, or driving web services via REST with dynamic JSON payloads such as ticketing or service management systems.

In a new category of software-defined end-to-end supported and pre-tested vRealize Automation integrations by SovLabs, organizations no longer have to deal with cloud management platform integration complexities. Manage your cloud without having to create or maintain workflow orchestration content and without worry of CMP or component upgrades breaking your IT processes.

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Easily create software-defined email or REST-based notifications directly in vRealize Automation and tie them to existing blueprints
SovLabs Template Engine provides a simple yet powerful language to provide flexibility without the need for custom workflows
Create notification configurations and add them to notification groups to enable sending of simple success or failure messages based on the machine lifecycle
  • Create flexible notifications and add them to notification groups
  • Supports REST-based web services or email notifications
  • Notification email subject, body, addresses or web service address and JSON body can consist of a mix of static text and dynamic content such as vRealize Automation custom properties and/or custom logic
  • Email notifications consist of message server(s), email groups/addresses (to, cc, bcc), from address, to address, subject and body
  • REST-based notifications consist of a title and JSON body
  • Supports SSL/TLS or unencrypted communications
  • Message servers (email or REST) can be defined independently of notifications
  • Credentials for message servers (email or REST) can be defined independently and re-used among message servers
VMware vRealize Automation: Advanced or Enterprise - 7.3.1, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6
VMware vRealize Orchestrator: 7.x