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CloudBolt OneFuse is a codeless integration platform that enables enterprise IT to create policy-backed services that simplify IT management and integration scenarios. Leveraging OneFuse, customers can replace expensive custom developed integrations with easy-to-configure, governed services that can be used across platforms, clouds, and teams. With OneFuse, teams can quickly and easily provision standardized, IT compliant resources from their tools of choice. 



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Multiple Tools Multiply IT Challenges

Custom integrations cost 200% more to maintain.

Avoid the expense of building and maintaining custom developed integrations with software defined, policy-backed integration services.

Human error causes 60% of all IT infrastructure outages.

Enforce IT governance and compliance standards with policy-driven integrations that standardize provisioning across IT platforms and tools.

62% of IT cite handoffs as a barrier to productivity.

Improve automation workflows across IT, network, and security teams and eliminate manual handoff processes and delays from siloed SMEs.

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Ditch the Disruptions from Custom Developed Integrations and Automations

  • Codeless configurations replace custom scripts, providing better integration capabilities at a fraction of the cost while also eliminating expensive long term maintenance. 
  • OneFuse extends the value of your existing cloud automation and DevOps tools by using policies that extend to platforms and tools that you already own - providing the right provisioning outcomes regardless of where it originates.
  • OneFuse policies orchestrate provisioning across IT silos by providing a collaborative workspace that allows IT, network, and SME teams to define parameters and guardrails for rapid, scalable, and compliant deployments.


Compliance, Governance, and Auditing for the Integration Layer

While many platforms and tools provide access controls, verification checks, and log capabilities, they are often confined to the actions performed within those technologies. When ITOps cobbles these technologies together with scripts and code, isolating and correcting problems can become a monumental task. OneFuse removes the code challenge and centralizes these critical compliance checkpoints into a single management console, providing full visibility and governance across your technologies. 

  • Standardize and validate automations across cloud management, network, and security tools to prevent conflicts and business disruptions
  • Eliminate the risk of misconfigurations by masking underlying infrastructure details and exposing only the parameters that users need to provision resources. 
  • Apply policies to new endpoints and tools - or change vendors - policies ensure new technologies are instantly compliant. 
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OneFuse Features & Benefits

  • Centralized policy management and visibility – Through OneFuse’s, single web-based console, IT teams have one place to build and view policies that are used to provision cloud resources, enabling better control over infrastructure governance and compliance.
  • Modular, configuration-based automation – Through OneFuse’s dynamic templating technology, enterprises can rapidly build integrations (e.g., for IT technologies like IPAM, DNS, networking and security, etc.) into API-consumable policies for easy sharing across various IT teams and cloud environments.
  • Role-based control with workspaces – With OneFuse, enterprises can easily limit who can create and execute policies while securely segmenting, managing, and sharing policies within and across departments / groups for improved security posture.
  • Easy consumption from automation tools – Designed to complement automation tools, orchestrators, and scripts, OneFuse makes it extremely easy for upstream automation tools to consume downstream integration policies, without the need for custom code.
  • Portability between vendors  OneFuse helps avoid vendor lock-in by allowing users to easily redirect policies to new vendor systems without having to re-write scripts and custom developed integrations.
  • Fully-supported - Continuous feature releases & updates and support for vRealize Automation 7 and 8, CloudBolt, and Terraform with more on the way!